Our History

Messrs Joseph Ting & Co was formally formed as a partnership in May 1999 but the firm's roots began in 1993 where Mr Joseph Ting began his own firm with a friend and set up an office at Jalan Imbi in Kuala Lumpur. The firm was then known as Messrs K.P. Mak & Ting. That firm subsequently changed its name to Messrs Mak, Ting & Ros and eventually became Messrs Mak, Ting & Co.

In 1995, Messrs Mak, Ting & Co first established a branch at Bandar Puchong Jaya. At that time it was the first legal firm to be located in Bandar Puchong Jaya.

In 1999, Mr Joseph Ting established Messrs Joseph Ting & Co with 1 partner and 3 staffs. With God’s blessings, over the years the firm has seen significant growth and now has more than 10 lawyers and over 30 supporting staffs.

Since its inception, the firm embraces the values of responsibility, integrity, efficiency and accountability as fundamental principles in the firm’s practices and such principles also serves as the guideline for employees in their daily work. We strive to provide highest quality of ethical and professional work, timely delivery, good professional service, and responsiveness to client’s inquiries. We are committed to finding solution to every legal problem that our clients face within the legal framework permitted under the law and we strive to work in the best interest of our clients by looking not only from the legal perspective but also from the business perspective by taking into account the parameters of the law governing the issues and looking at it through the business perspectives, client’s expectation and cost efficient measures. We continually strive for customer satisfaction in the legal services we provide. We believe that this commitment is realized by employing a driven workforce with exceptional expertise in the diversified markets we serve and by carefully listening to our client’s challenges and problems with legal as well as administrative issues. We continue to seek improvement in our legal services by constantly keeping ourselves abreast with rapidly changing laws and growing client’s expectations through a thorough understanding of client’s needs.

As our client base expands, our clients’ legal needs are diversified and we are equally devoted to diversify our areas of practice and expands our knowledge, skills and understanding so as to allow us to be provide a more realistic and practical and innovative solution to meet our client’s expectation. 

The firm has seen much progress since its beginnings and until today the firm still remains true to the dreams and visions of its founder. We are proud of our strong commitment to integrity and excellence in the practice of law as well as efficiency in our service.