At Joseph Ting & Co., we expect our associates to achieve professional excellence. We encourage everyone, from the staff to the senior partner to be efficient, to listen and to meet client’s needs, to learn and to uphold integrity at all times. Most importantly, we expect everyone in the firm, from the newest hire to the most senior partner, to embrace and enjoy legal practice. We emphasise on teamwork amongst our lawyers, pupils and staffs and we believe that our friendly working environment enable us to provide the best legal services to our clients.

We are always searching for hardworking, self-motivated individuals with good academic credentials and excellent inter-personal skills with work ethics. We value maturity, vigour and we appreciate each individual’s strength and diversity. Lawyers, pupils and staffs will have the opportunity to work under the guidance of our senior partners and will be given hands-on experience to work in multiple areas of practice so that they have a rounded learning experience here in Joseph Ting & Co.

We also believe in rewarding our staff accordingly for their loyalty and dedicated service to the firm for the benefit of our clients. We pride ourselves with our staffs who are the driving force of the firm who have significantly and positively contributed to the continued success and profitability of the firm through their service. We give due recognition to staff who excel in the performance of their duties and inspire excellence in others.

At Joseph Ting & Co, we strive to create work-life effectiveness workplace for our staffs to enable staffs to manage all of the competing demands in work and life and avoid any negative effects of work spill over into their personal lives. Work is balanced with regular dinners organised in a relaxed environment to enable the partners, lawyers, pupils and staffs to mingle and to foster good and friendly relationship amongst everyone in the firm. We seek to build a culture that enables free flow exchange of ideas and information in a cooperative and friendly environment.

For any applicant interested to join us, please email your resume stating the position you are interested to